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I have tried looking on the web and I’ve looked over other sims blog sites but i can not work out how to get my custom content to appear. I’m just totally lost at the moment. I’ve looked at other posts but they do not say such a thing about custom content inside game and I also’ve viewed some mod articles nevertheless they are not appearing to say any custom content. You can find alternative party programs that allow you to make your own content and so they usually are user friendly.

This website has lots of details about them: This video might help you too: do we put custom content into my Sims 4 mods? This website has countless information about them: the initial program I mention is not free, but worth every penny if you should be looking something which could be used to produce countless material. Apart from that, you’re going to have to make your own obstructs and add them towards map.

This website will undoubtedly be helpful for you: I hope this can help! Once I drag the picture file on picturecontent folder, it generally does not can be found in the mod, and I also get a mistake message. I attempted deleting the picturecontent folder within the main zip file and simply dragging the picture file into the contenttextures folder – that didn’t work either. I’m attempting to get this mod as facile as it is possible for people to set up, and so I’d want to keep consitently the image out of the primary zip file, and just own it loaded into the contenttextures folder.

Can there be a different folder that i ought to be putting it in? It’s sort of perplexing, but I’m not sure what is taking place. I’m guessing that I don’t have the folder inside right place, or that it’s being deleted by my computer before I’m done adding content. Face. The initial option is the latest look face. This method allows you to choose between a new face, hair, and human body. Using this option, you’ll give your Sim a new face, locks, and body.

You can select from a few different choices, but the only option that’s available in the game now is a brand new face. I think you’re likely to spot the jpg file into a folder called picture. Sorry about this! We created a picturecontent folder inside the primary zip file. Now i’ve a folder inside that folder called image. In the picture folder We created a folder known as picture. Now once I go to import the jpg file, we drag it from the photo folder to your contenttextures folder.

You’ll see a window. Click “Install content”. Select “SimContent.scp” and “Next”. Hold back until the information is installed. Then, go back to the Launcher. Simply click “complete” and then “Reload Content”. It ought to be packed. This works for me personally, too! I do believe what you do is really what the instructions state.

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